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  • High Voltage DC Power Supply Products

    Emco  high voltage DC power supply products meeting a wide range of high performance demands. From precision analytic instruments to mission-critical equipment.  Whether you are developing sensitive laboratory instruments or scientific equipment that must perform under the most rugged conditions, you can depend on our products to fulfill your need for high performance and reliabilit.

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  • DC/DC Industrial Grade Converters

    POLYAMP  DC/DC Industrial Grade Converters meet EMC, EMI, electrical safety requirements and can be installed in any weather protected environment. The units are air cooled, convection cooled and can mostly be mounted in any direction.     The EMC performance is such they can be mounted in low noise applications. The output ripple is among the industries lowest. The immunity levels meet tough requirements in substations, trains, vehicles, railway and industrial applications. Models that meet EN50022 special low noise Telecom environment.

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  • Featured Product Technology

    VICOR Factorized Power Architecture

    Vicor’s ChiP technology offers excellent power performance and can accommodate many different conversion topologies. It supports all known power distribution architectures with enabling converter  functionalities including AC/DC conversion with power factor correction (PFC), isolated bus conversion, DC/DC conversion, buck, boost and buck-boost regulation and point of load current multiplication. ChiP technology supports high frequency zero-current and zero-voltage switching power conversion topologies performing isolation, voltage transformation and regulation in any suitable combination within the ChiP-based module.

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  • Featured Case Study

    EFOY Methanol Fuel Cells

    An EFOY Pro 2400 Duo battery back-up system for the Haast Pass Radio System in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand is now supplying back-up power to the repeaters so they operate continuously at full power.


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  • Featured White Paper

    Factorised Power Architecture and VI Bricks

    Read about Factorised Power Architecture and how it provides optimal power convertsion solutions to address the challenge of designing small, cost-effective solutions that meet required power levels.

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