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PBB10C SERIES PBB10C - AC/DC High Surge Supply

  • 600W - 1000W
  • High Current Surge
  • Ideal for Motors and Pumps
  • Enclosed panel mount
  • Screw Termination
  • Parallel Operation
  • N+1 Redundant Operation
  • Optional Conformal Coating

PBB10C - AC/DC High Surge Supply


Voltage 85-264Vac or 120-350Vdc
Frequency 47-63Hz
Inrush current 40A typical.
Output Voltage See Selection Table
Voltage adjustment ±10% of rated voltage.
Output current See Selection Table.
Peak load 10 sec, 35% duty cycle
Ripple & noise 150mVp-p – 250mVp-p max.
Line regulation 96mV – 192mV max.
Load regulation 150mV – 300mV max.
Startup time 500ms max.
Holdup time 20ms typical
Efficiency 85% typical
Over voltage protection 130% - 170% of rated voltage
Over current protection Over 101% of peak current

Input- Output: 3kVac, 1min

Input - Ground: 2kVac, 1min

Output - Ground 500Vac, 1min

Operating temperature -10°C to 70°C
Derating 2.5%/C after 50C
Fan Cooling

Option FAN: Fan forced cooling

Increases continuous output current

Humidity 20 – 90% RH Non-Condensing
Vibration 10Hz-55Hz 19.6m/s2 (2G) 3 mins x, y and z axes
Impact 196.1m/s2 (20G), once along x, y and z axes
Safety standards EN60950-1, EN50178, UL60950-1 and C-UL Complies with DEN-AN and IEC60950-1 (AC input only) AS/NZS CISPR11 Group 1 Class A. EN61204-3, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-4-2,-3,-4,-5,-6,-8,-11
EMI standards FCC-B, CISPR22-B, EN55022-B, VCCI-B
CE marking Complies with LVD and EMC Directives
Connector Screw terminals

PBB10C - 600W: 214 x 127 x 65mm

PBB10C - 750W: 249 x 127 x 70mm

PBB10C - 1000W: 299 x 127 x 75mm

Selection Table











PBB10C-24X  24V 15A 31A 600W
PBB10C-24X-FAN  24V 25A 31A 600W
PBB10C-30X  30V 12A 50A 600W
PBB10C-30X-FAN  30V 20A 50A 600W
PBB10C-36X  36V 10A 20.5A 600W
PBB10C-36X-FAN  36V 16.5A 20.5A 600W
PBB10C-48X  48V 7A 15.5A 600W
PBB10C-48X-FAN  48V 12.5A 15.5A 600W
PBB10C-24XA  24V 19A 63A 750W
PBB10C-24XA-FAN  24V 31.5A 63A 750W
PBB10C-30XA  30V 15A 50A 750W
 PBB10C-30XA-FAN 30V 24.5A 50A 750W
PBB10C-36XA  36V 12.5A 42A 750W
 PBB10C-36XA-FAN 36V 20.5A 42A 750W
PBB10C-48XA  48V 9A 31.5A 750W
 PBB10C-48XA-FAN 48V 15.5A 31.5A 750W
PBB10C-24W  24V 25A 83A 1000W
 PBB10C-24W-FAN 24V 42A 83A 1000W
PBB10C-30W  30V 20A 66A 1000W
PBB10C-30W-FAN  30V 33.5A 66A 1000W
PBB10C-36W  36V 16.5A 55A 1000W
PBB10C-36W-FAN  36V 28A 55A 1000W
PBB10C-48W  48V 11.5A 41.5A 1000W
PBB10C-48W-FAN  48V 21A 41.5A 1000W

Note:: All output current ratings based on 240VAC input voltage

Technical Illustration

  • PBB10C 600W PBB10C  600W
  • PBB10C 750W PBB10C  750W
  • PBB10C 1000W PBB10C  1000W
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