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PBB13C SERIES PBB13C - Cosel AC/DC Power Supply

  • 7 - 300W
  • PFC ON 100-300W MODELS

PBB13C - Cosel AC/DC Power Supply


Input Voltage 85-264Vac
Frequency 47-63Hz
Inrush current 30A typical at 200V AC.
Power factor 0-90 typ., 50-300W
Output voltage See Selection Table
Voltage adjustment Typically ±10%
Output current See Selection Table.
Minimum load Unit will operate with zero load
Hold up time 20mS typical (AC in 100V)
Regulation Line: 20-192mv Model Dependant
Load: 40-240mv Model Dependant
Ripple and noise Typ. 150mVp-p
Temperature drift 20-192mv Model Dependant
Efficiency Typ. 80%
Safety isolation Input-Output AC 3,000V 1 minute
Input - FG AC 2,000V 1 minute
Output - FGAC 500V 1 minute
Overvoltage protection At 115%–140% of rated.
Overcurrent protection Operates over 105% of rating and recovers
Operating temperature -10°C to 70°C.
Derating 2.5%/C after 50C
Cooling Convection.
Vibration 10Hz–55Hz, 2G, 3 mins period for 60 minutes along X, Y and Z axis.
Impact 20G, 11mS, once each along X, Y and Z axis.
Safety standards UL60950-1, CSA 60950-1, EN60950-1, EN50178,
C-tickAS/NZS CISPR11 Group 1 Class A.
EMC EN61204-3, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4-8, EN61000-4-11


Case size PBB13C-D-SNY 60 x32 x 93.5mm PBB13C-F-SNY 60 x 32 x 107.5mm PBB13C-H-SNY 60 x 36 x 125mm PBB13C-J-SNY 60 x 36 x 132m PBB13C-L-SNY 60 x 33.5 x 162mm PBB13C-M-SNY 72 x 45 x 185mm PBB13C-R-SNY 85 X 47 X 188mm PBB13C-E-SNY 98 X 59 X 212mm PBB13C-T-SNY 95 X 49 X 222mm
Cable harness

Input/output harness supplied with PSU

Input and output harness supplied, RoHS compliant

CN1: Input Connector; Harness: H-IN-10-R

CN2: Output Connector; Harness:

PBB13C-D,F 10-15W, H-OU-34-R

PBB13C-H,J 30-50W, H-OU-9-R

PBB13C-L, 75W, H-OU-18-R

PBB13C-M, 100W, H-OU-10-R

PBB13C-R, 150W, H-OU-11-R, H-OU-12-R

See Technical Illustration

Selection Table






PBB13C-3.3D-SNY 3.3V 2A 7W
PBB13C-5D-SNY 5V 2A 10W
PBB13C-12D-SNY 12V 0.9A 11W
PBB13C-15D-SNY 15V 0.7A 11W
PBB13C-24D-SNY 24V 0.5A 12W
PBB13C-3.3F-SNY 3.3V 3A 10W
PBB13C-5F-SNY 5V 3A 15W
PBB13C-12F-SNY 12V 1.3A 15W
PBB13C-15F-SNY 15V 1A 15W
PBB13C-24F-SNY 24V 0.7A 17W
PBB13C-3.3H-SNY 3.3V 6A 20W
PBB13C-5H-SNY 5V 6A 30W
PBB13C-12H-SNY 12V 2.5A 30W
PBB13C-15H-SNY 15V 2A 30W
PBB13C-24H-SNY 24V 1.3A 31W
PBB13C-3.3J-SNY 3.3V 10A 33W
PBB13C-5J-SNY 5V 10A 50W
PBB13C-12J-SNY 12V 4.3A 52W
PBB13C-15J-SNY 15V 3.5A 52W
PBB13C-24J-SNY 24V 2.1A 50W
PBB13C-36J-SNY 36V 1.4A 40W
PBB13C-48J-SNY 48V 1.1A 53W
PBB13C-3.3L-SNY 3.3V 15A 49W
PBB13C-5L-SNY 5V 15A 75W
PBB13C-12L-SNY 12V 6.3A 76W
PBB13C-15L-SNY 15V 5A 75W
PBB13C-24L-SNY 24V 3.2A 77W
PBB13C-36L-SNY 36V 2.1A 76W
PBB13C-48L-SNY 48V 1.6A 76W
PBB13C-3.3M-SNY 3.3V 20A 66W
PBB13C-5M-SNY 5V 20A 100W
PBB13C-12M-SNY 12V 8.5A 102W
PBB13C-15M-SNY 15V 6.7A 100W
PBB13C-24M-SNY 24V 4.3A 103W
PBB13C-24MH-SNY 24V 4.3A (5.0A PK) 103W (120W)
PBB13C-36M-SNY 36V 2.8A 100W
PBB13C-48M-SNY 48V 2.1A 100W
PBB13C-3.3R-SNY 3.3V 30A 99W
PBB13C-5R-SNY 5V 30A 150W
PBB13C-12R-SNY 12V 12.5A 150W
PBB13C-15R-SNY 15V 10A 150W
PBB13C-24R-SNY 24V 6.3A 151W
PBB13C-24RH-SNY 24V 6.3A (7.5A PK) 151W (180W)
PBB13C-36R-SNY 36V 4.2A 151W
PBB13C-48R-SNY 48V 3.2A 154W
PBB13C-24E-SNY 24V 10A 240W
PBB13C-24EH-SNY 24V 10A (12.5A PK) 240W (300W)
PBB13C-36E-SNY 36V 6.7A 241W
PBB13C-48E-SNY 48V 5A 240W
PBB13C-5T-SNY 5V 40A 300W
PBB13C-12T-SNY 12V 17A 324W
PBB13C-15T-SNY 15V 14A 330W
PBB13C-24T-SNY 24V 12.5A 336W
PBB13C-24TH-SNY 24V 12.5A (18.8A PK) 336W (456W)
PBB13C-36T-SNY 36V 8.4A 338W
PBB13C-48T-SNY 48V 6.3A 336W

Technical Illustration

  • PBB13C-D 10W PBB13C-D  10W
  • PBB13C-F 15W PBB13C-F  15W
  • PBB13C-H 30W PBB13C-H  30W
  • PBB13C-J 50W PBB13C-J  50W
  • PBB13C-L 75W PBB13C-L  75W
  • PBB13C-M 100W PBB13C-M  100W
  • PBB13C-R 150W PBB13C-R  150W
  • PBB13C-E 240W PBB13C-E  240W
  • PBB13C-T 300W PBB13C-T  300W
  • PBB13C Cables - RoHS Compliant PBB13C Cables - RoHS Compliant
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