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PBB20C SERIES PBB20C - Cosel AC/DC Power Supply

  • 10W - 1500W AC/DC Power Supply
  • Small size and light weight
  • Fan alarm (300W-1500W)
  • Remote ON/OFF (300W-1500W)
  • Parallel operation and current sharing (300W - 1500W)
  • Short circuit and over current protected
  • Conformal coating option for wet areas

PBB20C - Cosel AC/DC Power Supply


Voltage 85~264Vac / 120~370Vdc.
Frequency 47-63Hz.
Inrush current PBB20C-D, F, H, J, L 30A typical
PBB20C-M, R, T, X, W, V 40A typical.
Output Voltage See Selection table.

Voltage Adjustment

See Selection Table

Output Current

See Selection table.

Operating Indication

LED - Green

Minimum Load

Unit will operate with zero load.

Output Ripple

3.3Vdc - 24Vdc < 150mVp-p

48Vdc < 250mVp-p

Line regulation

Typically 0.4%

Load regulation

Typically 0.8%

Temperature drift

1% over 0°C to 50°C

Remote sense

Provided on PBB20C-T to V model

Remote inhibit

Provided on PBB20C-T to V model

Rise time

Model dependent 600ms max

Holdup time

20ms typical
Efficiency Typ. 82%
Parallel Operation

For PBB20C - 300W, 600W, 1000W and 1500W

Power supplies shipped from factory have harness (H-SN-19) mounted on connector CN1. For Parallel operation use optional harness, H-PA-3, to connect CN1: +/-S, VB and CB between power supplies. Maximum of 5 units in parallel operation.


Over Current


Works at approximately 105% of rated current with auto recovery

Over Voltage


Model dependent 115%-140% Vout typical


Input - Output 3000Vac

Input - Case 2000Vac

Output - Case 500Vac

Thermal protection

300W - 1500W - Unit shuts down when temperature exceeds de-rating curve when FAN stops or when air flow is interrupted

DC OK/ FAN alarm 300W - 1500W:  Open Collector "Low DC OK&quot 0.5V "High DC not OK" 5V LED for V output



10W-150W convection 10°C to 71°C

Derate from 40°C to 71°C with cover

Derate from 60°C to 71°C without cover


300W-1500W convection -20°C to 71°C

Derate from 50°C to 71°C at 50% power

Cooling 10W-150W models convection cooled. 300W-1500W models internal fan cooling.
Humidity 20%-90% non-condensing.
Vibration 10Hz-55Hz at 2G
Shock 20G 11ms X, Y, Z axis
Safety UL60950-1, C-UL(CSA60950-1), EN60950-1,
EN50178, Complies with DEN-AN.
C-Tick AS/NZS CISPR11 Group 1 Class A.
EMC compliances EN61204-3, EN61000-6-2
EMI compliances Complies with FCC-B, CISPR22-B, EN55011-B,
EN55022-B, VCCI-B
CE marking Complies with LVD and EMC Directives
Connector Input/Output: Screw Termination

Parallel Control


For 300W to 1500W models

Master PSU

CN1: Default harness H-SN-19

CN2: Harness H-PA-3, goes to slave PSU

Slave PSU

CN1: Remove default harness H-SN-19

CN1: Connect H-PA-3, from master PSU



PBB20C-D, 10W : 31 x 78 x 68mm, 150g

PBB20C-F, 15W : 31 x 78 x 85mm, 200g

PBB20C-H, 30W: 31 x 78 x 103mm, 270g

PBB20C-J, 50W: 31 x 82 x 120mm, 280g

PBB20C-L, 75W: 32 x 82 x 135mm, 350g

PBB20C-M, 100W : 32 x 93 x 147mm, 440g

PBB20C-R, 150W : 34 x 93 x 168mm, 560g

PBB20C-T, 300W : 102 x 42 x 170mm, 1.0kg

PBB20C-X, 600W : 120 x 61 x 190mm, 1.6kg

PBB20C-W, 1000W : 150 x 61 x 240mm, 2.2kg

PBB20C-V, 1500W : 178 x 61 x 268mm, 3.4kg

Chassis Plate and

DIN Mounting

View PBB20C Chassis Mounting

Selection Table








PBB20C-5D 5V 2A 4.5V - 5.5V 10W
PBB20C-12D 12V 0.9A 10V - 13.2V 10W
PBB20C-24D 24V 0.5A 19.2V - 27V 10W
PBB20C-3.3F 3.3V 3A 2.85V - 3.6V 15W
PBB20C-5F 5V 3A 4.5V - 5.5V 15W
PBB20C-9F 9V 1.7A 7.5V - 10V 15W
PBB20C-12F 12V 1.3A 10V - 13.2V 15W
PBB20C-15F 15V 1A 13.2V - 18V 15W
PBB20C-24F 24V 0.7A 19.2V - 27V 15W
PBB20C-48F 48V 0.35A 39V - 53V 15W
PBB20C-3.3H 3.3V 6A 2.85V - 3.6V 30W
PBB20C-5H 5V 6A 4.5V - 5.5V 30W
PBB20C-9H 9V 3.4A 7.5V - 10V 30W
PBB20C-12H 12V 2.5A 10V - 13.2V 30W
PBB20C-15H 15V 2A 13.2V - 18V 30W
PBB20C-24H 24V 1.3A 19.2V - 27V 30W
PBB20C-48H 48V 0.65A 39V - 53V 30W
PBB20C-3.3J 3.3V 10A 2.85V - 3.6V 50W
PBB20C-5J 5V 10A 4V - 5.5V 50W
PBB20C-9J 9V 5.6A 7.5V - 10V 50W
PBB20C-12J 12V 4.3A 10V - 13.2V 50W
PBB20C-15J 15V 3.5A 13.2V - 18V 50W
PBB20C-24J 24V 2.2A 19.2V - 27V 50W
PBB20C-36J 36V 1.4A 28.8V - 39V 50W
PBB20C-48J 48V 1.1A 39V - 53V 50W
PBB20C-3.3L 3.3V 15A 2.85V - 3.6V 75W
PBB20C-5L 5V 15A 4V - 5.5V 75W
PBB20C-9L 9V 8.4A 7.5V - 10V 75W
PBB20C-12L 12V 6.3A 10V - 13.2V 75Wv
PBB20C-15L 15V 5A 13.2V - 18V 75W
PBB20C-24L 24V 3.2A 19.2V - 27V 75W
PBB20C-36L 36V 2.1A 28.8V - 39V 75W
PBB20C-48L 48V 1.6A 39V - 53V 75W
PBB20C-3.3M 3.3V 20A 2.85V - 3.6V 100W
PBB20C-5M 5V 20A 4V - 5.5V 100W
PBB20C-9M 9V 10.5 7.5V - 10V 100W
PBB20C-12M 12V 8.5A 10V - 13.2V 100W
PBB20C-15M 15V 7A 13.2V - 18V 100W
PBB20C-24M 24V 4.5A 19.2V - 27V 100W
PBB20C-36M 36V 2.8A 28.8V - 39V 100W
PBB20C-48M 48V 2.1A 39V - 53V 100W
PBB20C-3.3R 3.3V 30A 2.85V - 3.6V 150W
PBB20C-5R 5V 30A 4V - 5.5V 150W
PBB20C-9R 9V 16.7A  7.5V - 10V 150W
PBB20C-12R 12V 13A  10V - 13.2V 150W
PBB20C-15R 15V 10A  13.2V - 18V 150W
PBB20C-24R 24V 6.5A  19.2V - 27V 150W
PBB20C-36R 36V 4.3A  28.8V - 39V 150W
PBB20C-48R 48V 3.3A  39V - 53V 150W
PBB20C-3.3T 3.3V 60A  2.64V - 3.96V 300W
PBB20C-5T 5V 60A  3.96V - 6V 300W
PBB20C-7.5T 7.5V 40A  5.25V - 8.25V 300W
PBB20C-12T 12V 27A  8.25V - 13.2V 300W
PBB20C-15T 15V 22A  10.5V - 16.5V 300W
PBB20C-24T 24V 14A  16.5V - 26.4V 300W
PBB20C-36T 36V 9A  25.2V - 39.6V 300W
PBB20C-48T 48V 7A  38.4V - 56V 300W
PBB20C-3.3X 3.3V 120A  2.64V - 3.96V 600W
PBB20C-5X 5V 120A  3.96V - 6V 600W
PBB20C-7.5X 7.5V 80A  5.25V - 8.25V 600W
PBB20C-12X 12V 53A  8.25V - 13.2V 600W
PBB20C-15X 15V 43A  10.5V - 16.5V 600W
PBB20C-24X 24V 27A  16.5V - 26.4V 600W
PBB20C-36X 36V 18A  25.2V - 39.6V 600W
PBB20C-48X 48V 13A  38.4V - 56V 600W
PBB20C-3.3W 3.3V 200A  2.64V - 3.96V 1000W
PBB20C-5W 5V 200A  3.96V - 6V 1000W
PBB20C-7.5W 7.5V 134A  5.25V - 8.25V 1000W
PBB20C-12W 12V 88A  8.25V - 13.2V 1000W
PBB20C-15W 15V 70A 10.5V - 16.5V 1000W
PBB20C-24W 24V 44A  16.5V - 26.4V 1000W
PBB20C-36W 36V 29A  25.2V - 39.6V 1000W
PBB20C-48W 48V 22A  38.4V - 56V 1000W
PBB20C-3.3V 3.3V 300A  2.64V - 3.96V 1500W
PBB20C-5V 5V 300A  3.96V - 6V 1500W
PBB20C-7.5V 7.5V 200A  5.25V - 8.25V 1500W
PBB20C-12V 12V 125A  8.25V - 13.2V 1500W
PBB20C-15V 15V 100A  10.5V - 16.5V 1500W
PBB20C-24V 24V 70A  16.5V - 26.4V 1500W
PBB20C-36V 36V 47A  25.2V - 39.6V 1500W
PBB20C-48V 48V 35A  38.4V - 56V 1500W


Technical Illustration

  • PBB20C-D 10W PBB20C-D  10W
  • PBB20C-F 15W PBB20C-F  15W
  • PBB20C-H 30W PBB20C-H  30W
  • PBB20C-J 50W PBB20C-J  50W
  • PBB20C-L 75W PBB20C-L  75W
  • PBB20C-M 100W PBB20C-M  100W
  • PBB20C-R 150W PBB20C-R  150W
  • PBB20C-T 300W PBB20C-T  300W
  • PBB20C-X 600W PBB20C-X  600W
  • PBB20C-W 1000W PBB20C-W  1000W
  • PBB20C-V 1500W PBB20C-V  1500W
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