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90W DIN Rail Power Supply HSW00901 SERIES

  • 90 Watts Power Supply
  • DIN Rail 35mm. Metal housing
  • > 91% efficiency typical
  • -20°C...+60°C full output power
  • Continuous short circuit protected
  • Overload & low voltage protected
  • EMI/EMS EN61000-6-2.3. EN55022 class
  • PFC: EN61000-3-2 class A
  • cUL60950/16950 IEC(EN)60950-1
  • Series & parallel operation
  • High reliability. Shock & vibration resistant


Product Overview


DIN Rail 75 Watts Power Supply 

Available Outputs:   24V,  36V,  48V,  60V,  72V,  140Vdc,  

Description   The HSW power supply series realizes very high power efficiency in a small housing. Latest generation electrical devices relate to the high reliability of all Camtec products. The Camtec philosophy is, to employ 125°C low ESR ultra long life capacitors where expedient to achieve a superior lifetime. The used screwing terminals allow easy to wire, smooth service and protection from mixing-up the input with the output connections.

Parallel Operation Mode:   Parallel operation of equal HSW-Power-Supplies provides you a higher output power. Make sure that the DC voltages differ is only ±1% and that DC cables are equal of equal length.

Series Operation Mode:   To raise the output voltage you can drive equal HSW power supplies in series, too.

Sensing:   Only for 5V-version available. Compensation: 200mV


Output Voltage See selection table
AC Input Voltage 90-265Vac
Frequency 47-63Hz
DC Input Voltage 110…375Vdc
Input Rating 100..240Vac, 115Vac <1.9A, 230Vac <0.9A

± 1%

Load regulation

< ± 0.5% 10-100%, 100-10%

Minimum Load



Up to 90%

Load Protection

1,2x Irated ,auto recovery

Voltage Protection

140% of Uout , auto recovery

Short Circuit Protection


Hold Up Time

> 40ms 230Vac

Inrush Current

< 32A (230Vac)


50ms typical

Air & Surface Leakage Paths > 8 mm
Input to Output Isolation Galvanic insulated 3000Vac
MTBF (IEC61709) 590000h
MTTF (EN61209, SN29500) 590000h
Power Good Relay <48Vdc / 500mA (galv.insulated)
Cooling Natural Convection
Ambient Temperature -20°C... +70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C... +85°C
Climatic Class, Humidity 3k3, 90% non condensing
EMI EN55022B EN61000-3-2A
EMS EN61000-6-2,3
Safety IEC EN60950-1 EN50178 EN60204-1
Safety Class 1(A) VDE0100 VDE0805
Dimensions (WxHxD) 102x50x96mm
Weight 300g
Connectors (AC & DC) Terminal plug AWG26..AWG12

Selection Table

MODELHSW00901.24THSW00901.36THSW00901.48THSW00901.60T HSW00901.72THSW00901.140T
Rated DC Voltage 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 140V
Adjust Range Vout 22,5 - 28,5V 34,2 - 39,6V 45,6 - 52,8V 57 - 66V 68 - 86V 133 - 155V
Ripple & Noise mVpp 50mV 50mV 60mV 100mV 120mV 120mV
Nominal Output Current 3,8A 2,5A 1,9A 1,5A 1,3A 640mA
Power Boost <=60°C/60s 4,6A 3,0A 2,7A 1,8A 1,6A 770mA
Stability at Load Switch ±0,1% ±0,1% ±0,1% ±0,1% ±0,3% ±0,5%


coating finish on electronic circuits (Option C)

Order code:

HSW00901.Vout+T+options Example: 24V for DIN-Rail with coating = HSW00901.24TC

Technical Illustration

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