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  • 320 Watts Power Supply
  • DIN Rail 35mm. Metal housing
  • 91% efficiency typ
  • -20°C...+60°C full output power
  • Free air convection
  • Continuous short circuit protected
  • Overload & low voltage protected
  • Soft start & auto-recovery
  • EMI/EMS EN61000-6-2.3. EN55022 class B
  • cUL60950 EN60950-1 EN60204-1
  • High reliability. Shock & vibration resistant
  • Active Low Inrush Current Limiter


Product Overview


320 Watts Power Supply -20...+70°C, Active Low Inrush  

Available Outputs:   12V,  15V,  24V,  36V,  48V,  60Vdc  

Description   The HSE power supply series realizes very high power efficiency in a space-saving housing. This design enables Green Power applications and allows free air convection. Latest generation electrical devices relate to the high reliability of all Camtec products. The Camtec philosophy is, to employ 125°C low ESR ultra long life capacitors where expedient to achieve a superior lifetime of our products. The used screw terminals allow easy to wire and smooth service.

Parallel and Serial Operation:   Camtec power supplies of the same model and the same output voltage can be either used parallel or in serial. The assembling of external parts is usually not recommended. Make sure that the output voltage of each connected unit is ±1% equal. We recommend connecting the DC-outputs to a neutral point or a power bar. Follow the safety norms of dangerous dc-voltages. Most of the HSE power supplies allow selecting a parallel operation mode with a switcher B (not HSE01201 & HSE03201). The parallel operation select tilts the C/V-chart a little bit. In result the switching is softer. The power sharing between the units is more accurate. The HSE models can be used floating until 300Vdc (not HSE01201 & HSE03201)

UI-Chart, overload and temperature control characteristic   The HSE models base on a typical resonance forward converter. The devices provide an ideal vertically C/V-chart with no foldback. Thus the converter is ideal for complex loads and DC-drives. Consciously we resigned an excessive Powerboost that mostly occurs in less exact working control circuits. The advantage is, that the power supply delivers its energy always controlled and constant to the load. Even with a faulty operation of the power supply the loads never expose to high risk. The temperature control follows the C/V-chart. The power will be reduced over the voltage and the current remains constant (CC-mode). If the power supply really overheats the output voltage will be shot down. When the temperature recovers the unit automatically recovers and restarts into normal operation. As a standard the power good relay allows to control the power supply.

Coating Option   We offer the HSEUIreg-series with optional coating. It is to be used in e.g. dusty, dirty, high humidity, or in awaiting quick temperature changes. Short circuit and corrosion at print board lines and at solder points can be prevented. The coat itself is a transparent acrylic resin. It is procured with a robotics varnishing machine. Peters SL 1306 N-FLZ (transparent) IEC60216-1 2001, IPC-CC-830B, UL listed as permanent coating FileNo.: E80315 , UL94V-0 Ordering Information: ad extension C to the complete type number, e.g.: HSE03201.24TLIRCC, HSE04801.24TC, …


Output Voltage See selection table
AC Input Voltage 85..132Vac / 184..265Vac
Frequency 47…63Hz
DC Input Voltage 250…375Vdc
Tolerance ± 1%
Load regulation < ± 0.5% 10-100%, 100-10%
Minimum Load 0 A
Efficiency 91% typical
Load Protection 1,2x Irated ,auto recovery
Voltage Protection 1,2x Irated ,auto recovery
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Temperature Control Yes
Hold Up Time > 30ms 230Vac
Inrush Current (Active Limiter) < 15Apeak (230Vac)
Softstart 20ms typical
Air & Surface Leakage Paths > 8mm
Input/Output Galvanic insulated 3000Vac
Power Good Relay (opener) <48Vdc/500mA (galv. insulated)
MTBF EN61709 500000h
MTTF EN61709m SN29500 157102h @ 40°C 24/7 85% load
Clima/Dirt/Hight/Humidity 3k3, Kl.2, 3000m NN, 90% Hum.
Convection Natural convection
Ambient Temperature - 20°C…+70°C
Storage Temperature - 40°C…+85°C
EMI EN55022 class B
EMS EN61000-6-2,3
Safety EN60950-1, EN60204-1
Safety class 1(A) VDE0805, VDE0100
Dimensions (HxWxD) 124x120x99,5mm
Weight 1200g
Screw Connectors (AC & DC) AWG20...AWG9

Selection Table

Rated DC Voltage 12Vdc 15Vdc 24Vdc 36Vdc 48Vdc 60Vdc
Rated DC Current 18.0A 17.0A 13.5A 8.9A 6.7A 5.4A

Power Boost

≤60 Seconds

21.6A 20.4A 16.2A 10.7A 8.0A 6.5A

Ripple [mVpp]


30 30 20 30 50 50

Output adj.Range

11,4..14,4V 14,2..18.0V 22,5..28,8V 34,2..43,2V 45,6..57,6V 57,0..72,0V

Stability Load

switch 0-100%

± 0,3% ± 0,3% ± 0,3% ± 0,5% ± 0,5% ± 0,5%

Technical Illustration

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