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CAMTEC - 1000 Watt Power Supply, 2 & 3 phase, PFC HSD10001 SERIES

  • 480W DIN-Rail Power Supply 3-Phase
  • DIN Rail 35mm. Metal housing
  • 92% efficiency typ
  • -25°C...+70°C ambient. Natural convection
  • Continuous short circuit protected
  • Overload & low voltage protected
  • Soft start & auto-recovery
  • EMI/EMS EN61000-6-2/3. EN55022 class B
  • PFC: EN61000-3-2
  • Low voltage & overload control message
  • Remote Shutdown ON/OFF
  • Power good relay galvanic insulated
  • High reliability. Shock & vibration resistant
  • Output Electrolytic Capacitors +125°C
  • 2 phase operation 75% rated load


Product Overview


1000 Watt Power Supply, 2 & 3 phase, PFC & active inrush current limiter  

Available Outputs:   12V,  24V,  36V,  48V,  60V,  72Vdc  

Description   The HSD10001 DIN Rail power supply series is designed for worldwide electronics applications like machine building, railway, military and factory automation. Its regulated DC output with ripple/noise lower than 50mVpp and its high efficiency of 92% makes the HSD robust, economical and reliable. Camtec power supplies are traditionally made with high end low ESR electrolytic output capacitors withstanding +125°C temperature. Our capacitors are rather designed over for longer lifetime and longer hold up times. The power-boost of the HSD starts DC-loads and DC-motors reliable. The built in function diagnostics detects malfunctions. The galvanic insulated DC fail relay and remote on/off provides full control over the power supply unit. The HSD is short circuit and zero load stability protected. It is protected against high transient and provides very good interference resistance. Equal types of the HSD10001 can be operated in parallel or in series connection (we highly recommend to consult our support for safety instructions!. We use IP20 stabile aluminum housings with ventilation slots in accordance to the demanding VDE norms. The design meets EN(IEC)60950-1 and low voltage directive EN55022 Class B.


Output Voltage See selection table
AC Input Voltage

2PH & 3PH 340...575Vac

(2 phase operation 75% rated load max.)



DC Input Voltage


AC Input Voltage

400...500Vac (Input Current 3x 3A)

Tolerance ( at Ua adjusted) ± 0.5%
Transient Time <1ms (10-100% , 100-10%)
Minimum Load 0 A
Efficiency 92% typical
Load Protection 1,2x Irated , auto recovery
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Temperature Control Yes (see right graph)
Hold Up Time > 12ms (400...500Vac input)
Inrush Current Limiter < 20Apeak 14,4Aeff (400Vac)
Softstart 50ms typical
EMI EN55022 class B / EN61000-3-2
EMS EN61000-6-2,3 active PFC
Safety EN60950-1, EN60204-1
Safety class 1(A) VDE0805, VDE0100
Creepage Distance > 10,5mm
Input/output Galvanic insulated 3000Vac
Power Good Relay (galv.ins.) ≤48Vdc/500mA , ≤30Vac/500mA
Pollution Degree 2 (EN50178)
Climatic Class 3k3 (EN60721)
MTBF IEC61709 500000h
MTTF IEC60050 147.524h
Cooling Natural convection
Ambient Temperature - 25°C…+70°C
Storage Temperature - 40°C…+85°C
Relative Humidity 95% (25°C) non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD) 131.5x200x124.5mm
Weight 3400g
Connectors (AC & DC) AWG22...AWG6 (0,5...16mm²) IEC60664-1, IEC61984

Selection Table

MODEL HSD10001.12T HSD10001.24T HSD10001.36T HSD10001.48T HSD10001.60T HSD10001.72T
Rated DC Voltage 12Vdc 24Vdc 36Vdc 48Vdc 60Vdc 72Vdc
DC Voltage Adjust 10...17V 22..30V 32...43V 43...53V 53...72V 68...86V
Voltage Protection 21Vdc 32Vdc 50Vdc 56Vdc 84Vdc 92Vdc
Current 60°C* 50.0A 40.0A 28.0A 21.0A 17.0A 14.0A
DC Current 40°C* 55.0A 44.0A 30.8A 23.1A 18.7A 15.4A
Boost 60s/60°C* 55.0A 44.0A 30.8A 23.1A 18.7A 15.4A
Ripple 20MHz 50mVpp 50mVpp 80mVpp 100mVpp 100mVpp 150mVpp
Load regulation.* ±0.5% ±0.2% ±0.2% ) ±0.2% ±0.2% ±0.2%

Optional Coating (option C): We offer the HSD-Series with optional coating. It is to be used in e.g. dusty, dirty, high humidity, or in awaiting quick temperature changes. Short circuit and corrosion at print board lines and at solder points can be prevented. The coat itself is a transparent acrylic resin. It is procured with a robotics varnishing machine. Peters SL 1306 N-FLZ (transparent) IEC60216-1 2001, IPC-CC-830B, UL listed as permanent coating FileNo.: E80315 , UL94V-0, eg HSD10001.24TC , DIN-Rail+Coating

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