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PBDR480 Series Din Rail Power - PBDR480

  • 480W
  • 1Ph AC/DC Supply
  • Outputs 24V 48V
  • DIN Rail Mount TS35
  • Suitable N+1 Redundancy
  • DC OK Relay Contact
  • Parallel Function
  • Op Temp -10C to +71C

Din Rail Power - PBDR480


Input voltage 115/230VAC
Input current Vi: 115/230VAC,5.4 / 2.2A
Line frequency 47-63Hz
Inrush current Vi: 115/230VAC, 30/60A
Power disipation Vi: 230VAC, 24V 35W, 48V 32W
Leakage current Input-Output 0.25mA
Input-FG 3.5mA.
Voltage range Up to 115% of Vi nom
Hold-up time Vi: 115/230VAC, 25/30ms
Ripple and noise BW = 20MHz ,100 mV
Capacitor load 7000μf.
Storage temperature Non Operational -25 to- +85°
Relative humidity 20-95%
Isolation voltage "Input-Output at 3000 VAC
Input-FG 1500VAC
Ambient temperature -10 to +71°C
Derating From +61°C to +71°C, 2.5% per °C
Temperature coefficient +0.03%°C
Cooling Free air convection
Dimensions L124.5 x W175.5 x D123.6 mm
Efficiency 89% - 90% typical, model dependant
Switching frequency 60KHz
Weight 1,920g
Safety standards UL508 Listed, UL60950-1Recognised
ISA 12.12.01 (Class 1, Division 2, Groups
A,B,C and D)
C tick AS/NZ CISPR11 Group 1, Class A
EMI standards EN 61000-6-3
EN 55022 Class B
EN 61000-3-2 Class D, EN 61000-3-3

Selection Table

PBDR480S24-A + 24 VD 20A 480 WATTS
PBDR480S48-A + 48 VD 10A 480 WATTS

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Model Number Input V Output V1 Output V2 Output V3 Output power Price Qty
PBDR480S24-A 85-264VAC 24V 480W
PBDR480S24-A-BC 85-264VAC 24V 480W
PBDR480S48-A 85-264VAC 48V 480W
PBDR480S48-A-BC 85-264VAC 48V 480W
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