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C4500A SERIES C4500A - Schaefer Euro Series AC/DC Power Supply

  • 900 - 1600W
  • AC/DC Power Supply Industrial Grade
  • High Operating Temp
  • Hot Plugable
  • Configurable Options
  • Eurocassette Mounting
  • Wall Mounting
  • Chassis Mounting

C4500A - Schaefer Euro Series AC/DC Power Supply

Product Overview


Schaefer High Output Voltage Power Converters.

Schaefer ElectronicsEuro Cassettes robust design, using industrial grade components, yields a highly efficient, space-saving 6U solution for even the most extreme environments.

The Schaefer’s C/B4500 Series, offers an extensive lineup of over 150 standard models. Standard DC input voltage options span a range from 10VDC to 800VDC. AC input models offer either 1-Phase or 3-Phase options as well as battery charging models. Single output voltages encompass a range from 9VDC to 400VDC, all of which are adjustable and fully regulated to 0.2% or better (load) and 0.1% (line).

Remote sense capability and comprehensive protection circuitry is inherent in the design, with efficiencies up to 90%. Operating temperature is -20C to +75C, with -40C to +75C as an option. Additional options include parallel / redundant operation, further mechanical ruggedization, inhibit, Power-OK / DC-OK alarms, and system reset.


Input voltage

1ph 115/230Vac

3ph 200/400/480Vac

See selection table

Units will turn off with under or over input voltage.

No-load input
3-6W model (series dependant)
Inrush current AC input limited by thermistor
Switch on time 1-2 seconds.
Input Options

Option au: Autoranging for 115/230Vac input

Option pr: Power OK via relay contacts

Output voltage

Voltage range; 4.5 - 400Vdc

See selection table

Output current See selection table.
Ripple & noise 1% + 30mVpp
Line regulation 0.1% (±10%)
Load regulation 0.2% typical, load step 10-90%
Load transient 6% typical, load step 10-90%
Response time 2-3ms typical ±1%
Temperature coefficient 0.02% per °C typical.
Holdup time 10mS at 220VAC typical
Turn on rise time 100mS typical (soft start)
Remote sensing Standard for all series
Efficiency 80%-92% typical
Output Options

Option dd: Decoupling Diode for redundant / parallel operation

Option cs: Active Current Sharing

Option h: Remote on/off (inhibit)

Option dr: DC OK via relay contacts

Overload protection Current limited at 105%–110% of full load.
Overvoltage protection OVP switches off module with automatic return to operation
Protection Options

Option i: Inrush Current Limiting

Option sd: Reverse polarity protection for DC input by Series Diode


100Khrs to 140Khrs at 40°C

acc. to MIL-HDBK-217E (notice 1)

Operating temperature

-20°C to +75°C

(optional -40 to 75C)

Load derating Derate 2.5% per °C, from +55°C to 75°C

H: Heatsink - natural convection

F: Fan - increased airflow recommended

TF: Temperature controlled Fan included

See selection table

Environment Options

Option c: Extended temperature range to -40°C

Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
Humidity Up to 95% RH, non-condensing
EMI standards acc. to EN61000-6-4 class A, optionally class B
Immunity standards acc. to EN61000-6-2
C-Tick AS/NZS CISPR11: 2002 Group1 Class A
Safety / Construction acc. to EN60950-1 / EN50178
Protection category

IP20 acc. to EN60529

NEMA or others on request


See technical illustrations

Eurocassette, pluggable module for 19" subrack

Option w: Wall Mounting

Option cha: Chassis Mounting

Dimensions See Technical illustration

H15 acc. to DIN 41612 H15

and high current connectors for I > 50A,

or terminals / bolts / bars

Mechanical Options

Option ms: Increased Mechanical Strength

Option t: Tropical protection

19" Rack Mounting


Subrack Height 3U, 5U, 6U

Wiring, Front Panels

Accessories: Fuses, MCBs, Mains on/off switch

Contact Powerbox for rack configuration

Selection Table



± 20%



+15% - 20%


115 ± 20%

230VAC  +15% 20%




+15%- 20%



+15% - 20%



+15% - 20%










C4561 C4581 C4591   C4561V C4581V C4591V 110    F   9 8-10
C4562 C4582 C4592   C4562V C4582V C4592V 96    F   12 11-13
C4563 C4583 C4593   C4563V C4583V C4593V 80    F   15 14-16
C4564 C4584 C4594   C4564V C4584V C4594V 56    F   24 23-26
C4565 C4585 C4595   C4565V C4585V C4595V 50    F   28 26-30
C4569 C4589 C4599   C4569V C4589V C4599V 30    F   48 45-55
C4566 C4586 C4596   C4566V C4586V C4596V 24    F   60 58-68
C4567 C4587 C4597   C4567V C4587V C4597V 13    F   110 100-130
C4567J C4587J C4597J   C4567VJ C4587VJ C4597VJ 8    F   200 190-200
C4568 C4588 C4598   C4568V C4588V C4598V 6.5    F   220 200-250
C4568J C4588J C4598J   C4568VJ C4588VJ C4598VJ 4    F   400 380-400


H: Heatsink - natural convection

F: Fan - increased airflow recommended

TF: Temperature controlled Fan included

See selection table

Model configuration options:

Add the options to the model number, eg. C4594-dd-dr-cs

Options for Input, Output, Environmental and Mechanical follow.

19" Rack Mounting Options

Subrack Height 3U, 5U, 6U

Wiring, Front Panels

Accessories: Fuses, MCBs, Mains on/off switch

Contact Powerbox for rack configuration

Option “i” (inrush current limiting): A thermistor is connected in series with the
input lines which changes its resistance from high to low when it gets hot. It does
not reduce the current surge if the input power is interrupted for a short period of
time not allowing the thermistor to cool down. Thermistors are fitted as standard
to all mains input models except for 1-phase input of models > 2.5kW.
Thermistors are available up to 45A. For higher input current an electronic inrush
current limitation can be offered.
Option “ie” electronic inrush current limiting An electronic circuit limits the inrush
Option “sd” (series diode): A series diode protects the module against input
voltage of wrong polarity (additional power losses).
Option “ad” (anti-parallel diode): To avoid the power losses of a series diode a diode is
provided with opposite polarity in parallel to the input blowing an internal or external
fuse if the module is connected to a supply with wrong polarity.
Option “au” (auto-ranging) For standard dual AC input models the range of
115/230Vac is to be selected by connecting the input line to different pins on the
connector. With auto-ranging the unit senses the input voltage and provides
automatically the correct connection.
Option “p” (power fail): A signal (logic or relay) is given if the input voltage (AC or
DC) drops below the specified limit. In AC input units we sense the rectified input
voltage so that a power fail alarm will not be triggered if at light loads mains
power returns before the input capacitors are substantially discharged.
Option “r” (relay): A relay instead of a logic signal is provided for failure indication.
Option “dd” (decoupling diode): For redundant operation the outputs of two or
more units are paralleled behind de-coupling diodes so that an internal fault of
one module does not affect the operation of the others. These diodes cause power
Option “cs” (active current sharing): An additional control circuit provides active
current sharing via an interconnecting wire between converters that operate in
parallel. Active current sharing should be used for multi-output units operating in
Option “csi” (current sharing interrupt): Option "csi" will effect the removal of the
"cs" signal. Should there be an instance where a unit is not supplying the load,
then the effect of its "cs" signal is removed, and the load voltage is unaffected by
this condition.
Option “h1” (inhibit): A terminal connected to the negative input line also shuts off the
converter. This can also be used in conjunction with a thermal trip which shuts the unit
Option “h2” (inhibit): Operation of the unit is inhibited if a voltage signal
(5V/10mA) is applied in reference to the negative line of the (main) output.
Option “rco” (reducing current limiting at over temperature) A circuit reduces the
current limiting level at higher temperature (to be specified).
Option “d” (DC-ok, one output): A logic signal is given if the output voltage (main
output in multi-output systems) is below the specified limit.
Option “m” (DC-ok, all outputs): In multi-output systems a logic signal is provided
if the voltage of any output is below the specified limit.
Option “ac” (AC ok) A logic signal connected to relay contacts is given if the
output voltage of an inverter is below the specified limit.
Option "y" (sys-reset): This logic signal is a combination of power fail and DC-ok
as specified for VME systems.
Option "r" (relay): A relay instead of a logic signal is provided for failure
Option "t" (tropical protection):The unit is given additional protection by a heavy
coat of varnish on the printed circuit board(s) and components.
Option "c" (extended temperature range):The circuit is designed and tested for
operation at an ambient temperature as low as –40 °C.
Option "ms" (increased mechanical strength): Screws are secured by Locktite and
heavy components are fastened by ties and/or glue. Modules with the "ms" option
meet the standard EN61373 regarding shock and vibration.
Standard mounting "Eurocassette" pluggable module for 19" sub-racks 8
Option "w" (wall mounting): Module is screwed against a mounting plate for
installation in a cabinet. The load connections are typically a terminal block.
Option "cha" (chassis mount) Module is designed for installation to a structure or
within cabinet. Screw type connectors are supplied with the module.
Option "din" (DIN rail mount) Module is designed for DIN rail mounting to a
structure or within Cabinet. Screw type connectors are supplied with the module.

Technical Illustration

  • C4500A C4500A
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