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CPIEC Series CPIEC - PBB20C Chassis & DIN Mounting

  • 50W - 600W PBB20C Series
  • Chassis Plate Mounting
  • With DIN Rail Mounting
  • Aluminium L Bracket
  • IEC Input Power Connector

CPIEC - PBB20C Chassis & DIN Mounting

Product Overview

PBB20C_AC/DC_DIN_Rail Security_ACDC_Power_Supplies


Input voltage 85~264Vac
Frequency 47-63Hz.
Inrush current

PBB20C- J, L (50W-75W) 30A typical

PBB20C-M, R, T, X (100W-600W) 40A typical

Output voltage See Selection table.
Voltage adjustment range See selection table
Output power

50W to 600W

See selection table

Output current

See Selection table.

Minimum Load

Unit will operate with zero load.


3.3-5V output 80mV pk-pk

7.5-48V output 120-150mV pk-pk

Line regulation

Typically 0.4%

Load regulation

Typically 0.8%

Temperature drift

1% over 0°C to 50°C

Remote sense

Provided on PBB20C 300W & 600W models

Remote inhibit

Provided on PBB20C 300W & 600W modesl

Rise time

Model dependent 600ms max

Holdup time

20ms typical
Efficiency Model dependent 70% – 80%.
Over current protection Works at approximately 105% of rated current with auto recover
Over voltage protection Model dependant 115% - 140% of Vout typical
Thermal protection
(300W - 1500W)
Unit shuts down when temperature exceeds de-rating curve,
when FAN stops or when air flow is interrupted
DC OK/ FAN alarm
(300W-1500W) Indicators
Open Collector "Low DC OK"
0.5V "High DC not OK" 5V LED for V output

Input - output: 3000Vac

Input - case: 2000Vac

Output - case: 500Vac

Operating temperature

(10-150W) convection -10°C to 71°C

Derate 40°C to 71°C  at 2.5%/C

(300-1500W) -20°C to 71°C

Derate 50°C to 71°C at 2.5%°C.


50W-150W models convection cooled

300W-1500W models internal fan cooling

Humidity 20%-90% non-condensing.
Vibration 10Hz-55Hz at 2G
Shock 20G 11ms X, Y, Z axis
Safety UL60950-1, C-UL(CSA60950-1), EN60950-1,
EN50178, Complies with DEN-AN.
C-Tick AS/NZS CISPR11 Group 1 Class A.
EMC compliances EN61204-3, EN61000-6-2
EMI compliances Complies with FCC-B, CISPR22-B, EN55011-B,
EN55022-B, VCCI-B
CE marking Complies with LVD and EMC Directives
Input connector

IEC AC Power Socket

(with 2 meter IEC power cable supplied)

Output connector Screw Termination

Chassis Plate

Aluminium L bracket


PBB20C, 50W-150W: 275 x 110 x 50mm

PBB20C, 300W-600W: 295 x 130 x 60mm

DIN Mounting Option

Option "D" DIN Rail mounting. Standard TS35

with "H" horizontal mounting or "V" vertical mounting

View PBB20C Series Specifications

Selection Table








PBB20C-3.3J-CPIEC 3.3V  2.85V - 3.6V 10A 50W        
PBB20C-5J-CPIEC 5V 4V - 5.5V 10A 50W        
PBB20C-9J-CPIEC 9V 7.5V - 10V 5.6A 50W        
PBB20C-12J-CPIEC 12V 10V - 13.2V 4.3A 50W        
PBB20C-15J-CPIEC 15V 13.2V - 18V 3.5A 50W        
PBB20C-24J-CPIEC 24V 19.2V - 27V 2.2A 50W        
PBB20C-36J-CPIEC 36V 28.8V - 39V 1.4A 50W        
PBB20C-48J-CPIEC 48V 39V - 53V 1.1A 50W        
PBB20C-3.3L-CPIEC 3.3V 2.85V - 3.6V 15A 75W        
PBB20C-5L-CPIEC 5V 4V - 5.5V 15A 75W        
PBB20C-9L-CPIEC 9V 7.5V - 10V 8.4A 75W        
PBB20C-12L-CPIEC 12V 10V - 13.2V 6.3A 75W        
PBB20C-15L-CPIEC 15V 13.2V - 18V 5A 75W        
PBB20C-24L-CPIEC 24V 19.2V - 27V 3.2A 75W        
PBB20C-36-CPIEC 36V 28.8V - 39V 2.1A 75W        
PBB20C-48L-CPIEC 48V 39V - 53V 1.6A 75W        
PBB20C-3.3M-CPIEC 3.3V 2.85V - 3.6V 20A 100W        
PBB20C-5M-CPIEC 5V 4V - 5.5V 20A 100W        
PBB20C-9M-CPIEC 9V 7.5V - 10V 10.5 100W        
PBB20C-12M-CPIEC 12V 10V - 13.2V 8.5A 100W        
PBB20C-15M-CPIEC 15V 13.2V - 18V 7A 100W        
PBB20C-24M-CPIEC 24V 19.2V - 27V 4.5A 100W        
PBB20C-36M-CPIEC 36V 28.8V - 39V 2.8A 100W        
PBB20C-48M-CPIEC 48V 39V - 53V 2.1A 100W        
PBB20C-3.3R-CPIEC 3.3V 2.85V - 3.6V 30A 150W        
PBB20C-5R-CPIEC 5V 4V - 5.5V 30A 150W        
PBB20C-9R-CPIEC 9V 7.5V - 10V 16.7A 150W        
PBB20C-12R-CPIEC 12V 10V - 13.2V 13A 150W        
PBB20C-15R-CPIEC 15V 13.2V - 18V 10A 150W        
PBB20C-24R-CPIEC 24V 19.2V - 27V 6.5A 150W        
PBB20C-36R-CPIEC 36V 28.8V - 39V 4.3A 150W        
PBB20C-48R-CPIEC 48V 39V - 53V 3.3A 150W        
PBB20C-3.3T-CPIEC 3.3V 2.64V - 3.96V 60A 300W        
PBB20C-5T-CPIEC 5V 3.96V - 6V 60A 300W        
PBB20C-7.5T-CPIEC 7.5V 5.25V - 8.25V 40A 300W        
PBB20C-12T-CPIEC 12V 8.25V - 13.2V 27A 300W        
PBB20C-15T-CPIEC 15V 10.5V - 16.5V 22A 300W        
PBB20C-24T-CPIEC 24V 16.5V - 26.4V 14A 300W        
PBB20C-36T-CPIEC 36V 25.2V - 39.6V 9A 300W        
PBB20C-48T-CPIEC 48V 38.4V - 56V 7A 300W        
PBB20C-3.3X-CPIEC 3.3V 2.64V - 3.96V 120A 600W        
PBB20C-5X-CPIEC 5V  3.96V - 6V 120A 600W        
PBB20C-7.5X-CPIEC 7.5V  5.25V - 8.25V 80A 600W        
PBB20C-12X-CPIEC 12V  8.25V - 13.2V 53A 600W        
PBB20C-15X-CPIEC 15V  10.5V - 16.5V 43A 600W        
PBB20C-24X-CPIEC 24V  16.5V - 26.4V 27A 600W        
PBB20C-36X-CPIEC 36V  25.2V - 39.6V 18A 600W        
PBB20C-48X-CPIEC 48V  38.4V - 56V 13A 600W        


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