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  • 15W - 1000W
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Enclosed with Screw Termination
  • Low Cost High Reliability
  • Over Current and Voltage Protection

DC/DC Converters - SD Series


Input voltage

12V: 9.2V - 18Vdc

24V: 19V - 36Vdc

48V: 36V - 72Vdc

110V: 72V - 144Vdc

Output voltage

5V: 4.5V to 5.5Vdc

12V: 11V to 16Vdc

24V: 23V to 30Vdc

48V: 43V to 53Vdc


50W to 1,000W

See selection table

Line regulation ±0.5% max.
Load regulation ±0.5% max.
Ripple & Noise 120mV Typical
Efficiency 73% Typical
Overload protection 105% to 150% (SD15 160%).
Contact Powerbox for details.
Over voltage protection 115% to 165% of output voltage.
(Shut down O/P voltage, re-power on to recover).
Over temp protection Yes, on SD200 to SD1000 only.

Input-Output: 3.0kV 1min

Input -Ground: 1.5kV, 1min

Output - Ground: 0.8kV, 1 min

Isolation resistance 500VDC 100OM ohm.
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C, with derating.
Safety standards 24V and 48V input design refer to LVD.
EMC standards

EN55022 Class B, EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 6, 8.

AS/NZS CISPR11 Group 1, Class A

Dimensions / Weight

SD15: 79 x 51 x 28mm, 180g

SD25: 98.5 x 97 x 36mm, 360g

SD50: 159 x 97 x 37.5mm, 500g

SD100: 199 x 97 x 50mm, 600g

SD150: 199 x 97 x 50mm, 850g

SD200: 215 x 115 x 50mm 1.1kg

SD350: 215 x 115 x 50mm 1.1kg

SD500: 215 x 115 x 50mm 1.15kg

SD1000:295 x 127 x 41mm 1.94kg

Refer to technical illustrations

Selection Table








SD-15A-5 9.2-18V 5V 3A
SD-15A-12 9.2-18V 12V 1.25A
SD-15A-24 9.2-18V 24V 0.625A
SD-15B-5 19-36V 5V 3A
SD-15B-12 19-36V 12V 1.25A
SD-15B-24 19-36V 24V 0.625A
SD-15C-5 36-72V 5V 3A
SD-15C-12 36-72V 12V 1.25A
SD-15C-24 36-72V 24V 0.625A
SD-25A-5 9.2-18V 5V 5A
SD-25A-12 9.2-18V 12V 2.1A
SD-25A-24 9.2-18V 24V 1.1A
SD-25B-5 9.2-36V 5V 5A
SD-25B-12 19-36V 12V 2.1A
SD-25B-24 19-36V 24V 1.1A
SD-25C-5 36-72V 5V 5A
SD-25C-12 36-72V 12V 2.1A
SD-25C-24 36-72V 24V 1.1A
SD-50A-5 9.2-18V 5V 10A
SD-50A-12 9.2-18V 12V 4.2A
SD-50A-24 9.2-18V 24V 2.1A
SD-50B-5 19-36V 5V 10A
SD-50B-12 19-36V 12V 4.2A
SD-50B-24 19-36V 24V 2.1A
SD-50C-5 36-72V 5V 10A
SD-50C-12 36-72V 12V 4.2A
SD-50C-24 36-72V 24V 2.1A
SD-100B-5 19-36V 5V 20A
SD-100B-12 19-36V 12V 8.5A
SD-100B-24 19-36V 24V 4.2A
SD-100C-5 36-72V 5V 20A
SD-100C-12 36-72V 12V 8.5A
SD-100C-24 36-72V 24V 4.2A
SD-100D-5 72-144V 5V 20A
SD-100D-12 72-144V 12V 8.5A
SD-100D-24 72-144V 24V 4.2A
SD-150B-12 19-36V 12V 12.5A
SD-150B-24 19-36V 24V 6.3A
SD-150C-12 36-72V 12V 12.5A
SD-150C-24 36-72V 24V 6.3A
SD-150D-12 72-144V 12V 12.5A
SD-150D-24 72-144V 24V 6.3A
SD-200B-5 19-36V 5V 34A
SD-200B-12 19-36V 12V 16.7A
SD-200B-24 19-36V 24V 8.4A
SD-200B-48 19-36V 48V 4.2A
SD-200C-5 36-72V 5V 40A
SD-200C-12 36-72V 12V 16.7A
SD-200C-24 36-72V 24V 8.4A
SD-200C-48 36-72V 48V 4.2A
SD-200D-5 72-144V 5V 40A
SD-200D-12 72-144V 12V 16.7A
SD-200D-24 72-144V 24V 8.4A
SD-200D-48 72-144V 48V 4.2A
SD-350B-5 19-36V 5V 57A
SD-350B-12 19-36V 12V 27.5A
SD-350B-24 19-36V 24V 14.6A
SD-350B-48 19-36V 48V 7.3A
SD-350C-5 36-72V 5V 60A
SD-350C-12 36-72V 12V 27.5A
SD-350C-24 36-72V 24V 14.6A
SD-350C-48 36-72V 48V 7.3A
SD-350D-5 72-144V 5V 60A
SD-350D-12 72-144V 12V 29.2A
SD-350D-24 72-144V 24V 14.6A
SD-350D-48 72-144V 48V 7.3A
SD-500L-12 19-72V 12V 40A
SD-500L-24 19-72V 24V 21A
SD-500L-48 19-72V 48V 10.5A
SD-500H-12 72-144V 12V 40A
SD-500H-24 72-144V 24V 21A
SD-500H-48 72-144V 48V 10.5A
SD-1000L-12 19-72V 12V 60A
SD-1000L-24 19-72V 24V 40A
SD-1000L-48 19-72V 48V 21A
SD-1000H-12 72-144V 12V 60A
SD-1000H-24 72-144V 24V 40A
SD-1000H-48 72-144V 48V 21A

Technical Illustration

  • SD15 SD15
  • SD25 SD25
  • SD50 SD50
  • SD150 SD150
  • SD200 SD200
  • SD350 SD350
  • SD500 SD500
  • SD1000 SD1000
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