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ES300 SERIES ES300 - Laboratory Power Supply

  • 300W Laboratory Supply
  • 0 to 30Vdc and 0 - 10A
  • Very Low Output Ripple
  • EMC surpasses CE requirements
  • Low emissions & high immunity
  • High programming speed
  • Excellent dynamic response to load changes
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • Designed for a long life at full power
  • Master/Slave parallel
  • Series operation with voltage and current sharing
  • Voltage and current control with 10 turn potentiometers
  • 19' rack mounting or laboratory use (feet included)
  • Remote sensing

ES300 - Laboratory Power Supply


Input voltages

90 - 265Vac

Fuse 5 A T

Input Frequency 48 - 62Hz
Power Factor Better than  0.97
Inrush Current Limited with NTC resistor of 16 ohms cold resistance
Output Voltage 0 to 30Vdc
Output Current 0 to 10A
Digital Meters

0 - 30.0V / 0 - 10.00A, 0.5% + 2 dig

Monitor Voltage

Voltage: 0 - 5V, offset 0 to +7mV, full scale error +/-0.2%

Monitor Current

Current: 0 - 5V, offset -5 to 0mV, full scale error+/-0.5%

Reference Voltage

5.165V +/-31mV, TC12ppm typ, 30ppm max

CC status output

+5V (or 5mA) when in CC mode


Voltage adjust range: 0 - 102%

Current adjust range: 0 - 102%

Voltage Regulation

Load 0 - 100%, 10mV

Line 100-260Vac 1mV

Current Regulation

Load 0 - 100%, 4mA

Line 200-26VAC, 1mA

Ripple & Noise

CV: 5mV rms, 15mV p-p

CC: 6mA rms, 15mA p-p

Output Impedance

Less than 0.3ohm up to 100kHz(I out > 0.5A)

Recovery Time

50 μs (after 50-100% load step)

Hold up time

18 ms full load, 50 ms half load

Remote Sensing

Is not provided

Over voltage limit

Fixed at 34V (int. adjust, 6-34V)

Thermal protection

Shuts down output in case of insufficient cooling

Dimensions 52 x 224 x 333mm
Weight 3.1kg
Degree of Protection Enclosure IP20
V and I control

10-turn potmeters, res 0.03%

Programming Inputs

Voltage: 0-5V, offset -3 to +10mV

full scale error +/-0.2%

Current: 0-5V, offset 0 to +20mV

full scale error +/-0.5%

Input impedance 1Mohm

Prog. response time

Up to 0-30V, 1ms Down 30-5V 2ms

with load 3 Ohm


Software Control

and Interfaces

P179 - Ethernet controller (incl sequencer)

P180 - RS232 controller

P281 - PROFIBUS contoller

P282 - CANBUS controller

External programming

interface modules

IEEE488 controller module

ISO AMP module

Efficiency > 86%
Remote ShutDown +5V (3.5 - 12V) or relay contact, response time 3ms
Series Operation Normal and Master/Slave series operation is possible. For fast and easy operation the M/S Series Adapter is recommended
Parallel Operation No limitations.  Normal and Master/Slave parallel operation is possible

Input to Output: 4.0KVAC (1 min)

Input to Case: 2.5KVAC (1 min)

Output to Case: 600VDC


500,000 hrs

Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C

EN60950 / EN61010

Current adjust range: 0 - 102%


EN61204-3 Power Supply Standard

EN61000-6-3 (EN55022B) Generic Emission

EN61000-6-2 Generic Immunity

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