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COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Powerbox Customers, 

Please find our comments below regarding our response to COVID-19.  Powerbox Pacific has implemented policies and procedures across its operations in accordance with guidelines and mandates issued by the New Zealand Government.

From September 22nd Auckland will move from COVID-19 Alert Level 4 to Alert Level 3 which will mean that more Auckland businesses will return to operation albeit at some reduced capacity.

Powerbox Pacific will be open to supply its customers who are allowed to open under Alert Level 3 and Alert Level 2 (the rest of NZ).

The office will have 2 people present from Monday through to Friday and they will be wearing masks. Contactless pickups can be arranged from our showroom but as we do not have EFTPOS facilities any payments prior to collection will have to be made by direct credit into our bank account, please contact us for account details.

Courier deliveries to customers outside of Auckland can proceed as they normally would.   

As always our objective is to ensure the well-being of all employees and the continuation of our ability to serve your requirements. 

Should you have any specific concerns relating to any outstanding purchase orders, please contact a member of the Powerbox Sales Team at

Our thoughts are with you and your teams as you face similar challenges.

We remain very grateful for your continued support and together we will prevail from these difficult times.

Thanks and all the best 

Alistair Jeffcoat 

Powerbox Pacific


Powerbox are Now Proud Distributors of Victron Energy

Victron Energy are one of the world's leading manufactures of high quality power solutions. With specialized products in 5 major categories consisting of Automotive, industrial, Marine, Solar, and Telecom. With a strong, unrivaled reputation for technical innovation, reliability, and build quality. Their products are widely considered to be the professional choice for independent electric power. Efficiently combining two or more distinct power sources is what they do best. 

Victron Product Feature - BluePower Charger 

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New PBI6C AC/DC Power Supply with Remote Control

The NEW Powerbox PBI6C Series AC/DC powersupplies are one of the smallest power supply units in the industry that come standard with remote control. Featuring single channel output powers of 50W to 150W, in outputs of 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V with universal inputs.

The high performance of the PBI6C Series is accompanied with high reliability that is backed with a 5 year warranty. 

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New in Vicor's Picor Cool-Power ZVS DC-DC Converter Module Range

Vicor HD DC-Dc Bricks

Vicor has expanded its ultra high density Picor Cool-Power® PI31xx series of isolated, ZVS-based DC-DC converters optimized for 24V industrial, 28V aerospace/defense and/or demanding wide temperature applications. The new Cool-Power PI31xx converters retain the product series’ signature 0.87″ x 0.65″ x 0.265″ surface-mount package profile to provide up to 334 W/in3 power density and 2,250 V input to output isolation. At less than 50% the size of a conventional isolated 1/16th brick, Cool-Power PI31xx converters provide exceptional performance in an IC package for use in high density system designs.

Read more and view video

PBB20C-CPIEC: The Value Added PSU Solution

Powerbox Cosel PSU

A safe electrical connection to the mains power supply is something that is on the mind of every electrical engineer and installer of electrical equipment. Not only are their concerns about safe electrical wiring and installation but when electrical equipment is positioned into a cabinet or site where a number of different personnel and technicians have access to this equipment, then there are the concerns of someone being able to touch parts where mains power is hard wired into PSU’s.

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Delta's CliQ II DC-UPS Module with Battery Management


Delta Electronics introduces CliQ II DC-UPS module to support 24V system with up to 40A output and back up time of 4.5 minutes for 15AH battery capacity. DRU-24V40ABN DC-UPS module offers a wide input voltage from 24-28V and a wide operating temperature range from -20°C to +60°C. This DC-UPS module comes with potential free contacts for battery management signals and LED indicator for battery status.

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Delta Chrome DIN Rail - Now Available in 60W with 24V Output Voltage


Delta Electronics extends its Chrome DIN rail power supply series with a 60W product offering 24V output voltage. The Class II double isolation power supply is designed for use in compact cabinets.

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New Ultra-Small PCB Mount AC-DC Converter

Powerbox | Cosel PCB Mount AC-DC Converter

Powerbox Pacific have released the new Cosel PCB Mount AC-DC Converter in 3W, 5W, 10W and 25W models. Features include:

  • ErP compliant
  • Design flexibility for hold-up time and expected life
  • Wider operating temperature range -40 to 85 degrees C

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New Panel Mount PMF Models from Delta

Powerbox | Delta Panel Mount PMF Models

Delta Electronics extends the PMF panel mount power supply series designed for demanding applications requiring high power factor. The two new models provide a 5V/55A and 24V/13.3A output. Features include:

  • Universal AC input voltage
  • Built-in active PFC and automatic fan speed control 
  • Full corrosion resistant aluminium chassis
  • Conforms to harmonic current IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class A and Class D
  • Cold start at -20°C for 100% load
  • Remote ON/OFF is available as an option

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Powerbox | Delta 3 Phase AC-DC DIN Rail

Delta's 3-Phase AC to 24V DC 2.5A rated DIN Rail

  • Universal AC input voltage: 3 x 320VAC – 600VAC (3-Phase) or 2 x 360VAC – 600VAC (2-Phase) 
  • Power will not de-rate for the entire input voltage range
  • 150% Power Boost for 5 seconds
  • Full corrosion resistant aluminium chassis
  • Conformal coating on PCBA to protect against chemical and dust pollutants
  • Hazardous Locations approval to ATEX and Class I, Div 2

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ChiP-based DCM™ Converter Modules from Vicor

Powerbox | Vicor DCM DC-DC Power System

Delivering up to 2 times the power density of conventional DC-DC converters, Vicor’s new ChiP DCMs™ enable power engineers to conserve valuable board space. ChiP DCMs can be utilized for a wide range of applications requiring high power density and thermal management flexibility. Vicor’s ChiP DCM platform spans DC-DC input ranges from 16V to 50V and 160V to 420V. Coupled with FPATM and ZVS regulators, these novel power components enable dense, efficient and scalable source-to-load power system solutions.

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Powerbox | Vicor MicroPAC AC-DC Power System

MicroPAC™ Power System

1,300 W AC-DC Semi-Regulated Power Supply

The Westcor™ MicroPAC™ is a power factor corrected AC-DC power system providing up to 1300 W of continuous power at up to 92% efficiency and 25 Win³ power density in a compact 4 x 1.72 x 7.45 inch package. Offering semi-regulated output voltages of 12, 24, 36 and 48 VDC via four factory-configurable isolated outputs, the MicroPAC is an efficient solution for many applications, such as small distributed power bus architectures in industrial, automation, military, telecom and renewable energy applications. The MicroPAC is available in fan-cooled and conduction-cooled packages.

Read more and view product release video

EFOY Pro Fuel Cell Provides Back-Up Power for Radio Communications Equipment 

Powerbox | EFOY Fuel Cell Battery Backup Communications

An EFOY Pro 2400 Duo battery back-up system for the Haast Pass Radio System in the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand is now supplying back-up power to the repeaters so they operate continuously at full power.

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EFOY Pro 2400 Powers Meteorologic Research Equipment

Powerbox | EFOY Fuel Cell Battery Backup Scientific

EFOY Pro 2400 Fuel Cells have been successful in providing continuous power to remotely located research equipment. Utilising the EFOY Pro 2400 Fuel Cells as battery back-up has ensured valuable readings are recorded in the University of Canterbury 'Stable Boundary Layer Experiment' 

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Battery Charger for Lead Acid Batteries

Delta Chrome DIN Rail Power Supply

Mascot's broad range of Lead Acid Batteries provide the charger to meet your needs. Read more

Delta Introduces CliQ II DIN Rail Power Supply 3-Phase 960W Model

Delta Electronics has introduced a new 3-Phase 960W power supply to its popular CliQ II DIN Rail Power Supply series. Read more

Delta 24V 10W and 24V 100W Chrome DIN-Rail Power Supplies

Delta Chrome DIN Rail Power Supply

Powerbox New Zealand introduces Delta’s Chrome DIN Rail Power Supply Series. Designed for use in compact cabinets which are widely adopted in home automation as well as food and beverage industries. read more

Delta Extends PMC Panel Mount Power Supply Series

Delta Extends PMC Panel Mount Power Supply Series with 48V 150W product. Read more

Cosel Expands AC/DC Single Output Offering with 100W and 150W Units

Cosel Co. Ltd. has announced the expansion of its compact PLA series of AC/DC Switching Power Supplies with the addition of 100W and 150W models. Read more

Powerbox New Zealand introduces EFOY Fuel Cell Generators for Off-Grid and Mobile Applications

Fuel Cell Generators are the ideal energy solution for off-grid and mobile applications. Read more

Delta PMC Series Panel Mount Power Supply

Powerbox New Zealand introduci PMC Series - Wide Range Power Supply.. read more

Cosel Adds GHA Series Industrial 3 x 5 AC/DC Single Output Power Supplies

Cosel Co. Ltd. has announced the introduction of its new 3-inch by 5-inch series of power supplies, the GHA series.  Read more

New Style of DC-DC Standard Power Supply from Cosel

Introduces Cosel's new wide input voltage range of DC-DC Converters. Read more

Complete AC-DC PCB Mounted Solution from Vicor

New from Vicor, the complete AC-DC PCB mounted solution rated at 330W. Released late last year this new VI Brick AC front end module offers high power density and high efficiency AC-DC power conversion. Read more