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Vicor VI Brick AC-DC PCB-Mounted Solution

Vicor's new VI BRICK® AC Front End module delivers an isolated, PFC regulated, 330W 48V output in a low profile module only 9.55mm in height. This AC–DC converter which operates over the universal AC input range of 85-264 V, provides high efficiency and a power conversion density of 121 W/in3 (7.5W/cm3) or 54 W/in3 for a complete supply that includes all necessary components including hold-up capacitance.

Complete AC-DC Solution

  • Integrated rectification, filtering and transient protection with PFC
  • EN55022, Class B EMI conducted emissions with a few components
  • Meets EN 61000-3-2 by matching voltage and current sinusoidal waveforms to minimize energy loss

Small and Robust Package

  • Power density: 121 W/in3
  • Low profile: 9.55 mm height above board
  • 3.75 x 1.91 x 0.38 in (95.3 x 48.6 x 9.55 mm)
  • 48 V isolated and regulated output
  • Safe and extra low voltage (SELV) energy storage

Adaptive Cell™ Topology, high efficiency across world-wide AC voltage

Powered by the PFM module, Vicor’s AC Front End module enables high-efficiency and high-density power factor corrected rectification, consistently across universal input voltage range. Total harmonic distortion exceeds EN61000-3-2 requirements, while high switching frequency and resonant transitions simplify external filtering and compliance to EMI standards. State-of-the-art supervisory digital controls also reduce propagation of AC line harmonics, improving overall power quality at system and facility level. The low profile, PCB-mount VI Brick package also includes a high density conducted emissions line filter, which meets EN55022 class B Standard, with a few external components, and line surge protections, which meet EN61000-4-5 Standard.