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Powerbox Introduces PBB20C-CPIEC: The Value Added PSU Solution

Powerbox Cosel PSU

A safe electrical connection to the mains power supply is something that is on the mind of every electrical engineer and installer of electrical equipment. Not only are their concerns about safe electrical wiring and installation but when electrical equipment is positioned into a cabinet or site where a number of different personnel and technicians have access to this equipment, then there are the concerns of someone being able to touch parts where mains power is hard wired into PSU’s.

Powerbox now offers a product that alleviates these concerns by offering customers a new value added solution built on the current PBB20C Series. The new PBB20C-CIEC range of products takes a standard PBB20C power supply and positions it on a L Bracket mounting plate. The PBB20C power supply is then pre-wired into an IEC Inlet and the IEC inlet is also fixed onto the plate. The IEC inlet has been designed in a way that once wired and fitted into position, the AC part of the PBB20C terminal block is completely covered by the plastic housing of the IEC Inlet. This connection means personnel cannot touch the AC mains connection of the terminal block providing a safer solution. Mains connection is made by plugging in a right angle IEC AC power cord that is supplied with the PSU.

The PBB20C power supplies used in this value added solution have a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and are the PBB20C-CPIEC products are available from 75W through to 1000W in power with output voltages from 3.3V through 48V.

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