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  • Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.

    Victron Energy are one of the world's leading manufactures of high quality power solutions. 

    With over 40 years of experience, they have an unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality. Their products are considered to be the professional choice for independent electric power and efficiently combining multiple distinct power sources is what they do best.

    Specialized products across major industries:


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  • DIN Rail Power Supply Family

    Delta Electronics is one of the world's largest power supply manufacturers and solutions providers.

    These DIN rail power supplies provide an adjustable output capable of operating from Universal AC input voltages, wide operating temperature range, high efficiencies and protection against humidity, chemicals and dust pollutants.

    The Range Includes:
        • 1Ph, 2Ph, and 3Ph AC Inputs.
        • 12Vdc, 24Vdc and 48Vdc Outputs.
        • Double Isolated Models.
        • Dual Redundancy Modules.
        • DC UPS Modules - Battery Charging.

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  • AC/DC Supplies, DC/DC Converters and Battery chargers

    With application specialised in Rail, Mining and Industrial Automation. 

    The Range Includes:
        • DC input voltage: 10 - 800Vdc
        • AC Input voltage: 115/230Vac, or
        • AC Input voltage: 400/480Vac 3phase 
        • Output voltage: 4.5 - 400Vdc
        • Output current: up to 400A
        • Output power: 100W - 7.5Kw

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  • DC/DC Industrial Grade Converters

    POLYAMP DC/DC Industrial Grade Converters meet EMC, EMI, electrical safety requirements and can be installed in any weather protected environment. The units are air cooled, convection cooled and can mostly be mounted in any direction.                                                                                

    The EMC performance is such they can be mounted in low noise applications. The output ripple is among the industries lowest. The immunity levels meet tough requirements in substations, trains, vehicles, railway and industrial applications. Models that meet EN50022 special low noise Telecom environment.

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  • Featured Product Technology

    VICOR Factorized Power Architecture

    Vicor’s ChiP technology offers excellent power performance and can accommodate many different conversion topologies. It supports all known power distribution architectures with enabling converter  functionalities including AC/DC conversion with power factor correction (PFC), isolated bus conversion, DC/DC conversion, buck, boost and buck-boost regulation and point of load current multiplication. ChiP technology supports high frequency zero-current and zero-voltage switching power conversion topologies performing isolation, voltage transformation and regulation in any suitable combination within the ChiP-based module.

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